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Fact: More than 60% of all search traffic will go to the first 3 organic Search Engine Results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is having a recipe that ensures your site will be found when customers search for key-phrases that relate to your site in search engines like Google. To be successful, this recipe must involve a combination of onsite and offsite ingredients. Being able to measure and assess all of the variables used to predict the outcome of a particular approach, is the strong point that we have over our competitors. If you understand what your customers are looking for, Team Oaks Hosting has a program to put your business on the first page of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for those important key-phrases. Team Oaks does this by understanding the SEO important metrics and using a combination of onsite and offsite techniques that specifically target weak areas in your site.

Onsite SEO

Onsite Optimization is usually the easiest to implement and is the critical base on which all other SEO work builds. Unfortunately this important aspect is either done poorly or overlooked completely by most web designers. Onsite Optimization includes analyzing overall site structure and internal linking, checking for proper tag usage. as well as correct keyword and key-phrase targeting. Sometimes rebuilding or updating your entire site with these elements in mind is necessary. 

Offsite SEO

Offsite Optimization is more difficult and usually less well understood. Key elements like Page and Domain Authority need to be built up over time. The primary way to do this is by earning External Links with relevant Anchor Text from other quality sites.

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